Magisterial District Judges

Magisterial District Courts are the first level of Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System. They are presided over by Magisterial District Judges (MDJs), who are elected by the voters in each respective district. There are three magisterial districts in Warren County and one in Forest County. 

2022 Magisterial District Reestablishment Plan – PUBLIC POSTING

Civil Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of Magisterial District Judges (MDJs) includes suits involving as much as $12,000 in civil matters. Suits such as breach of contract and actions of trespass, in which matters they have the authority to hear the cases and render judgments. Their decisions are, of course, subject to appeal to the Court of Common Pleas. They have additional civil jurisdiction over such matters as landlord and tenant cases.

Criminal Jurisdiction

Almost all criminal cases (felonies and misdemeanors) begin in the Magisterial District Courts, which issue search warrants, arrest warrants and summonses.

Magisterial District Judges (MDJs) set bail, make referrals to diversionary programs and preside over preliminary hearings. It is during preliminary hearings where MDJs decide if there is enough information to forward a case to the Warren County Court of Common Pleas for trial.

MDJs can accept guilty pleas and impose sentence for certain misdemeanors. They also preside over the following summary charges: minor violations under the crimes code, most traffic violations, violations of city, borough and township ordinances and violations of the fish, game and dog laws. MDJs in summary cases function as both judge and jury. They hear evidence, make a ruling and impose sentence if there is a conviction. Rulings by MDJs are subject to appeal to the Warren County Court of Common Pleas. 

Criminal Proceedings – Central Court

The President Judge has directed that ALL criminal case preliminary hearings be held in what is called Central Court. This means that regardless of which District Court the case originated, it will be disposed of in either the Forest County or Warren County Courthouse and not the District Courts. You should check your summons or hearing notice for your specific instructions on when and where to appear. In Warren County each of the three District Judges hear all cases on a rotating basis.

Payment Options

Cash, Check and Money Order Accepted.

Monday through Friday, see Office Hours.  Payments must be made on time.  Failure to pay shall result in a Warrant being issued and on all traffic offenses, a suspension of a driver’s license shall be imposed until payments are current.  (Additional warrant, sheriff or constable fees shall apply.)

After-Hours Payments

All MDJ offices in Warren County have drop boxes to accept payments after normal business hours. Methods of payment when using the drop box are cash, check or money orders. If paying with cash please place money in an envelope with either the defendants name, address and phone number or case docket/payment plan number.

Monthly Installment Plans

Acceptance of a payment plan or renewal is at the discretion of the Judge. You should contact the specific court where your case originated to determine your eligibility for a payment plan.

District Court 37-2-01 – Honorable Raymond F. Zydonik

Serving the City of Warren and the Townships of Sheffield and Cherry Grove

Contact Info:

333 Hickory Street
Warren, PA 16365-2230

Phone: (814) 723-2260
Fax: (814) 723-0221

Email Your Documents

We are happy to accept your documents via email. If you have court documents (NOT EVIDENCE) that want to send, please use the email address below. Examples of acceptable documents are:

  • Vehicle registration or insurance paperwork
  • Subpoena requests
  • Guilty pleas (with court approval)
  • Payment plans


Office Hours:

8:30 AM – Noon & 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday


The Magisterial District 37-2-01 Office is located in the Hickory Street Annex, in the City of Warren, Pennsylvania. Get directions to the office. Enter through the entrance in the front of the building.


  • Desiree Hess
  • Deneen Reiner

District Court 37-3-01 – Honorable Laura S. Bauer

Serving Clarendon and Sugar Grove Boroughs and the Townships of Conewango, Elk, Farmington, Glade, Mead, Pine Grove, and Sugar Grove

Contact Info:

4234 Market Street
North Warren, PA 16365-5200

Phone: (814) 723-6750
Fax: (814) 406-7069

Office Hours:

8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon & 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday


The Magisterial District 37-3-01 Office is located at 1585 Market Street in North Warren, Pennsylvania. Get directions to the office.


  • Beth MacPherson
  • Audrey Davis

District Court 37-4-01 – Honorable Todd A. Woodin, Esq.

Serving Boroughs of Bear Lake, Tidioute and Youngsville and the Townships of Brokenstraw, Columbus, Deerfield, Eldred, Freehold, Limestone, Pittsfield, Pleasant, Southwest, Spring Creek, Triumph and Watson.

Contact Info:

37 Railroad Street
Youngsville, PA 16371-1430

Phone: (814) 563-4682
Fax: (814) 563-7519

Office Hours:

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday


The Magisterial District 37-4-01 Office is located at 37 Railroad Street in Youngsville, Pennsylvania. Get directions to the office.


  • Riley Eastman
  • Cindy Strickland Christensen

District Court 37-4-03 – Honorable Daniel L. Miller

Serving the Townships of Barnett, Green, Howe, Jenks and Kingsley.

271 Oak Lane
PO Box 425
Marienville, PA 16239-0425

Phone: (814) 927-8585
Fax: (814) 927-8966

Office Hours:

9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon & 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Closed Tuesday and Thursday


The Magisterial District 37-4-03 Office is located at 271 Oak Lane in Marienville, Pennsylvania. Get directions to the office.


  • Andrea Cussins
  • Dawn Millin

District Court 37-4-93 – Honorable Daniel L. Miller

Serving the Borough of Tionesta and the Townships of Harmony, Hickory and Tionesta.

526 Elm Street #7
Tionesta, PA 16353-9724

Phone: (814) 755-3579
Fax: (814) 755-3530

Office Hours:

9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon & 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Closed Wednesday and Friday


The Magisterial District 37-4-93 Office is located in the Forest County Courthouse in Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Get directions to the Courthouse.


  • Andrea Cussins
  • Dawn Millin


The Forest and Warren County Magisterial District Judges’ Calendars are available at Search under the Judicial District: “Forest/Warren-37“.

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